INdAM Unit - University of Brescia

2019 Initiatives, Meetings & Conferences

(seminar) Minimisation and approximation of the Griffith energy with Dirichlet boundary condition, Vito Crismale 10.01.2019
(seminar) Derivation of linear elasticity for multi well energies, Giuliano Lazzaroni 10.01.2019
(meeting) Numerical Analysis of Partial Differential Equations 21-25.01.2019
(seminar) Convergence of discrete and continuous unilateral flows for phase-field energies, Stefano Almi 31.01.2019
(seminar) Power Systems - Open Innovation to Put Data to Work, Kevin Langston 13.02.2019
(meeting) Macroscopic Modeling of Vehicular and Pedestrian Traffic 14-15.02.2019
(meeting) IPERPA 2019 15-17.05.2019
(seminar) La Geometria nella Divina Commedia, Vincenzo Vespri 18.07.2019
(meeting) UMI 2019 02-07.09.2019
(meeting) Dynamics, Equations and Applications 16-20.09.2019
(meeting) FGS'2019 -- French-German-Swiss Conference on Optimization 17-20.09.2013
(meeting) SIAM Conference on Analysis of Partial Differential Equations 11-14.12.2019